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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

My Summer in Downieville

Summer time and the living is easy.....yeah that is a song, which is what happens when a phrase pops into my brain it many times has to do with a song. It drives the middle school kids crazy. So some of the summertime music was listened to in Monterey..Diane Schurr a fantastically talented lady sang at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Mike, brother of mine, and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. We got to visit with Paul's Mom before we went to the "experience" and after.

Blackberry Cottage is rented all week ends since the middle of June. It had to have some repairs like railing put back up where snow had crashed the solar panel. Ther is neew clear glass in the bedroom and the kitchen . Water had gotten between the double pane making it a blurry view.

The garden is growing without my tending to it. It has a mosaic like medley of wild sweet pea, black eyed Susan, clove, wild violets, a white daisy like flower I have forgotteen the name of, sage, CA poppy and a rose here or there. The resident photograher, Paul, will hopefully take a picture that I can post so you all can see it.